TOP 10 Pokemon Paling Langka di Pokemon GO!

Mencari TOP 10 Monster Paling Langka di Pokemon GO!

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    • +iSirDrifty- Lets talk about ur life. What do u have going for u? probably
      nothing what are u good at? Probably would be a lot of a shorter list than
      what ur not good at

    • +Mikey T Why you calling people out on their mistakes. You are a fucking
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  1. gotten through 1:56 – and 3 things: 1. i cringed every time he said guy ar
    dose. 2. obviously you can’t evolve aerodactyl, it’s gen 1 only. 3. yep.
    you can’t catch munchlax becAUSE ITS GEN ONE ONLY. please be informed
    before you make these videos.

  2. a Dragonite spawned outside of my house yesterday and i only had 4
    pokéballs left and he escaped from them all and i cried myself to sleep

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